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Produits soins naturels cheveux martinique francesca lauhon
Francesca lauhon produits naturels cheveux

Artisanal products from Martinique specialized in hair care

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About us

Francesca Lauhon is a brand of products specialized in hair care.

Developed in Martinique in an artisanal way, these treatments are essentially composed of the richness offered by the Caribbean islands. The formulations as well as the quality of the raw materials are at the heart of the activity.


Today, the development of new cosmetic formulas "Francesca Lauhon" is focused on the plant base of the Caribbean pharmacopoeia.

Through its range of products, Francesca Lauhon wishes to share its values based on naturalness, health and well-being, all issues that correspond to daily problems.




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produits naturels cheveux francesca lauhon martinique
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